Welcome immudb Vault - the fully managed immutable cloud database

We're here today with some noteworthy news. Codenotary, known as the inventor and maintainer of the enterprise-scale ...

We're here today with some noteworthy news. Codenotary, known as the inventor and maintainer of the enterprise-scale immutable database, has unveiled a new service called immudb Vault

immudb Vault

immudb Vault

immudb Vault is a fully managed, tamper-proof database cloud service designed to provide a robust solution for business-to-business secure data sharing. It's built on the open-source database immudb, offering cryptographic verification of integrity. This means that each time data is added, it comes with an assurance of its authenticity. 

In the past, businesses have used ledger technologies and blockchains for secure data sharing. However, these methods have often been associated with slow performance, increased complexity, high costs, and regulatory challenges. immudb Vault aims to simplify this process, offering an alternative that retains the security benefits but without the downsides.

Full data change history

As an append-only database, immudb Vault logs all data changes, preserving a full data change history. In this model, data can be added but never modified or deleted, which ensures the integrity of the data and its change history.

One of the key features of immudb Vault is its user-friendliness. Users can create an account and start streaming data quickly without the need to install any software. It easily integrates with applications through a REST-API and an industry-standard document model. This approach allows for the storage of both structured and semi-structured data and supports nested data structures, which can simplify application development.

Designed to scale

Transactional consistency and ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) semantics are also a core part of immudb Vault, ensuring that transactions execute consistently and with full semantic coherence. Scalability is another critical aspect; immudb Vault is designed to scale alongside the growth of your data.

Start using immudb Vault

immudb Vault is available for free for up to 10,000 stored documents or 250 megabytes (MB). For larger needs, paid plans start at $69 per month.

Thousands of organizations worldwide already use immudb, and with more than 50 million downloads, it is a recognized solution for those requiring a zero-trust approach to their data. immudb is open source and available for download.

We invite you to explore immudb Vault and see how it could fit into your data storage and sharing strategies. Until next time, stay secure and keep innovating.