Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.2

Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.2

Release v0.6.2 fixes some important bugs and has many improvements – we recommend updating to it

Bug Fixes

  • require auth for admin commands even if auth is disabled on server, do not allow admin user to be deactivated
  • base64 decoding of passwords: now it requires the "enc:" prefix as base64 can not be differentiated from plain-text at runtime (e.g. "immu" is a valid base64 encode string)
  • only require admin password to be changed if it is "immu"
  • fix ldflags on dist binaries and add static compilation infos
  • cmd/immuclient/audit: fix base64 encoded password not working with immuclient audit-mode
  • immuadmin: repair password change flow right after first admin login
  • pkg/auth: make ListUsers require admin permissions
  • pkg/ring: fixes cache corruption due to a ring buffer elements overwrite on same internal index
  • pkg/store: remove useless ringbuffer array
  • pkg/store: fix uniform cache layers size allocation with small values


  • add bug and feature request report github template
  • fix golint errors
  • githubactions add windows and build step
  • remove plain-test admin password from log outputs
  • add message (cli help and swagger description) about base64-encoded inputs and outputs of get and set commands
  • FreeBSD section in the readme
  • fix changelog auto generation repo and releasing template
  • pkg/server: reduce corruption-checker resource usage


  • expose through REST the following user-related actions: create, get, list, change password, set permission and deactivate
  • immuclient freebsd daemon installation
  • freebsd service install
  • read immudb default admin password from flag, config or env var
  • use immu as default admin password instead of randomly generated one
  • immudb: accept base64 string for admin password in flag/config/env var


Docker image

Immudb Binaries

v0.6.2. download

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