Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.1

Dear community. immudb has just been released as v0.6.1

Release v0.6.1 fixes some important bugs and has many improvements – we recommend updating to it


[v0.6.1] – 2020-06-09

Bug Fixes

  • disallow running immuadmin backup with current directory as source
  • immuadmin dump hangs indefinitely if token is invalid
  • #283, immudb crash on dump of empty db
  • fix corruption checker crash during immudb shoutdown
  • choose correct config for immudb, immugw installation
  • update env vars in README and Docker files (#297)
  • cmd/immuadmin: inform user that manual server restart may be needed after interrupted backup
  • cmd/immuadmin: validate backup dir before asking password
  • cmd/immuclient: add version sub-command to immuclient interractive mode
  • cmd/immuclient: nil pointer when audit-mode used with immudb running as daemon
  • cmd/immutest: add new line at the end of output message
  • pkg/ring: return nil on inconsistent access to buffer rings elements
  • pkg/store: fix visualization of non frozen nodes inside print tree command
  • pkg/store/treestore: fix overwriting on non frozen nodes


  • add license to tests (#288)
  • update statement about traditional DBs in README
  • remove immugw configs from immudb config file #302
  • cmd/immuadmin/command: improve visualization ui in merkle tree print command
  • cmd/immuadmin/command/service: syntax error, build fails on windows
  • cmd/immuclient/audit: code cleanup and renaming
  • pkg/store/treestore: improve cache invalidation

Code Refactoring

  • handling of failed dump


  • allow the password of immugw auditor to be base64 encoded in the config file (#296)
  • add auth support to immutest CLI
  • add server-side logout (#286)
  • cmd/helper: add functionalities to print colored output
  • cmd/immuadmin: add print tree command
  • cmd/immutest: add env var for tokenfile
  • pkg: add print tree functionality


Docker image

Immudb Binaries

v0.6.1. download

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