Announcing immudb v1.2.2

Announcing immudb v1.2.2

Thanks for making immudb the fastest growing open source project on Github in Q4 2021! 

Codenotary and the immudb team are pleased to announce the release of immudb v1.2.2. This release deprecates previous releases and any installs should be updated as soon as possible. This release brings along with it several changes. Let’s look at some of the highlights.

Code of Conduct – The immudb community continues to grow! As we continue to grow and add new community members we’ve decided to put together a code of conduct to make sure that the immudb community grows in a way that is welcoming, safe and inviting to all. You can read the CoC here:

New Features –  New features in this release include a much requested hot backup and restore functionality which allows backups without stopping immudb. Support for basic insert conflict handling for SQL as well as newly added support for Amazon Web Services v4 signing which enables signed API requests to AWS. We’ve also added support for additional metrics and monitoring via the API.

Bug Fixes – Some notable big fixes included in this release include cleaner error messages, an important fix for broken timestamp support, a fix for the docker images which had a missing certificate and an important fix for how the immudb state file is stored in cache, which enhances state verification of the database.

You can check out a complete list of new features, fixes and enhancements and download the new release here:

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