Business Source License

License text copyright (c) 2020 MariaDB Corporation Ab, All Rights Reserved.

“Business Source License” is a trademark of MariaDB Corporation Ab.


Licensor Codenotary, Inc
Licensed Work: The Licensed Work is (c) 2024 Codenotary, Inc.
Additional Use Grant: You may make production use of the Licensed Work, provided Your use does not include offering the Licensed Work to third parties on a hosted or embedded basis in order to compete with Codenotary’s paid version(s) of the Licensed Work. For purposes of this license:

A “competitive offering” is a Product that is offered to third parties on a paid basis, including through paid support arrangements, that significantly overlaps with the capabilities of Codenotary’s paid version(s) of the Licensed Work. If Your Product is not a competitive offering when You first make it generally available, it will not become a competitive offering later due to Codenotary releasing a new version of the Licensed Work with additional capabilities. In addition, Products that are not provided on a paid basis are not competitive.

“Product” means software that is offered to end users to manage in their own environments or offered as a service on a hosted basis.

“Embedded” means including the source code or executable code from the Licensed Work in a competitive offering. “Embedded” also means packaging the competitive offering in such a way that the Licensed Work must be accessed or downloaded for the competitive offering to operate.

Hosting or using the Licensed Work(s) for internal purposes within an organization is not considered a competitive offering. Codenotary considers your organization to include all of your affiliates under common control.
Change Date: Four years from the date the Licensed Work is published
Change License: Apache 2.0

Why are we making this license change

In light of immudb's runaway success and widespread adoption by thousands of organizations, we are making a clear and unwavering commitment to the principles of open source. We believe that open-source software should remain open, accessible, and collaborative for the benefit of all, and we are taking concrete steps to ensure that immudb continues to embody these principles.

This change in licensing is a decisive move that underscores our dedication to the open-source ethos. We want to thank you for your invaluable contributions that have helped immudb reach its current level of success.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to immudb. We look forward to a future filled with collaborative innovation and the enduring success of our open-source initiative.