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Audit Log capabilities for immudb

Immutable Storage for PostgreSQL and Kubernetes

Keep Auditors Satisfied

Secure and Reliable pgaudit Audit Logs with immudb Integration!

Our integration stores PostgreSQL pgaudit data in immudb. Gain additional benefits such as improved security and tamper-evident audit logs. immudb ensures that audit data is immutable, meaning it cannot be altered or deleted once it has been recorded. All data can be queried by time, topic or content.

Tamper-proof solution for storing Kubernetes audit logs, ensuring their integrity and reliability for compliance and security purposes.

Immudb's tamper-proof storage of Kubernetes audit logs ensures their reliability and integrity for compliance and security purposes. Authentication and encryption features enhance security practices and simplify compliance efforts.

Experience peace of mind knowing your audit logs are securely stored with immudb.

Self-Hosting Support Plans


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$ 5500 / year

  • 12 hour response

  • 5 day resolution

  • 2 hour setup/training credits

  • 1 hour development support

  • SBOM container


Starting at

$ 22 000/ year

  • 8 hour response

  • 3 day resolution

  • 12 hour setup/training credits

  • 8 hour development support

  • Custom development

  • 24/7 monitoring


All Services of Business

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  • 24/7 supporty

  • 24 hour setup/training credits

  • 24 hour development support

  • User management

  • Backup & Restore

  • Offsite backup

  • 99.9 SLA

  • Ethereum Layer 2 support (ZK-Rollups)

immudb Cloud Hosting solutions


starting from $0.0028 per hour

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immudb SaaS service

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