v0.9.0 Release Candidate 1 is out – integrates our new embeddable cryptographic-proof storage engine

immudb v0.9.0 Release Candidate 1

We’re absolutely thrilled to share the news of immudb 0.9.0 release candidate 1 with you.
This will be a very special holiday season for you and your family and we wish you Peace and joy!! … and maybe you want to develop some fancy software based on immudb. Release Candidate 1 will definitely be a great start.

After many months of hard work, the development of our own embeddable and ultra-fast storage engine that is append-only and optimized for cryptographic proof has been completed.
immudb v0.9.0-RC1 now has that powerful engine under the hood!

7 times faster data writes than the former version 0.8.0 and instant cryptographic proof!

Replacing the storage engine is a major step for immudb and all unnecessary overhead from traditional key-value stores has been removed. This not only takes transaction and verification performance to another level, but also streamlines the code base down to the core.
You’re going to read more about the fundamental improvements using our new storage engine in future blog posts.

Coming back to the release candidate 1 – here you can get the source code or the release binaries:

Release Source:


Docker image

Immudb Binaries

File SHA256
immudb-v0.9.0-RC1-darwin-amd64 48a6a390553216873b9816f893656d4883523512c135c268e228c13fdbebb903
immudb-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64 078b174d38db1c4228fc945f4ef04ff59f915f0d29069cecfb560731850bdae3
immudb-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64-static dd4f26e5841c6dbae4635ab3dee7911c67afa5e6da86c63d5dd1bec36f36021e
immudb-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-s390x 423dc4ce2d3f92801650fc55e4e9612843b54e9bffb0ca1c0ef09cc25ae78f59
immudb-v0.9.0-RC1-windows-amd64.exe 5348dea14a93f51fcc619c8605ddcf5b9ee4301ad3efe803d8014e477f33cc23

Immuclient Binaries

File SHA256
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC1-darwin-amd64 8342137cb4d2e98da07079be3d1fdbb17d6661027dec6451a936045c4aa1fe38
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64 7d6cd8cab0be03e6d8122350a693b66398d996ad9c0b3c19067c867b254e0ce0
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64-static 63294e9897b00f65825049ec9c8f981cf4c5a363ac8bf2748416d1225a9fb1f7
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-s390x ee2980c4e217aaa9a41ac080e6d33ea563b908d008a4ec7038d4c16cb40c847f
immuclient-v0.9.0-RC1-windows-amd64.exe 8d5d417c8765d903ffbf6357dd6934f27df9572f9821d066caa3eaad6f2a5d73

Immuadmin Binaries

File SHA256
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC1-darwin-amd64 7cc9d249552ef4de405653576dbb4b4faa0a3e5025f0337ab06cbbb8bcd01a59
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64 6db247fb96b6f25a5d40417e91490aea0bbb9113ae8d6ec0d0d82f94d09c2a66
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-amd64-static 7af831b38bf8bfffe418ef67e2f6db565f719a647f917249deab83e2fd698a07
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC1-linux-s390x a061a6a04a310d6d5d10ec380f760da4bfdcbd9c0eae9c67bdabc535249730bf
immuadmin-v0.9.0-RC1-windows-amd64.exe 8b1b4706ef0d3ad3cf2f3c8463fe6309ec522d9b77ab78d41e9e43ab038ada6d



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Use Case - Tamper-resistant Clinical Trials


Blockchain PoCs were unsuccessful due to complexity and lack of developers.

Still the goal of data immutability as well as client verification is a crucial. Furthermore, the system needs to be easy to use and operate (allowing backup, maintenance windows aso.).


immudb is running in different datacenters across the globe. All clinical trial information is stored in immudb either as transactions or the pdf documents as a whole.

Having that single source of truth with versioned, timestamped, and cryptographically verifiable records, enables a whole new way of transparency and trust.

Use Case - Finance


Store the source data, the decision and the rule base for financial support from governments timestamped, verifiable.

A very important functionality is the ability to compare the historic decision (based on the past rulebase) with the rulebase at a different date. Fully cryptographic verifiable Time Travel queries are required to be able to achieve that comparison.


While the source data, rulebase and the documented decision are stored in verifiable Blobs in immudb, the transaction is stored using the relational layer of immudb.

That allows the use of immudb’s time travel capabilities to retrieve verified historic data and recalculate with the most recent rulebase.

Use Case - eCommerce and NFT marketplace


No matter if it’s an eCommerce platform or NFT marketplace, the goals are similar:

  • High amount of transactions (potentially millions a second)
  • Ability to read and write multiple records within one transaction
  • prevent overwrite or updates on transactions
  • comply with regulations (PCI, GDPR, …)


immudb is typically scaled out using Hyperscaler (i. e. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) distributed across the Globe. Auditors are also distributed to track the verification proof over time. Additionally, the shop or marketplace applications store immudb cryptographic state information. That high level of integrity and tamper-evidence while maintaining a very high transaction speed is key for companies to chose immudb.

Use Case - IoT Sensor Data


IoT sensor data received by devices collecting environment data needs to be stored locally in a cryptographically verifiable manner until the data is transferred to a central datacenter. The data integrity needs to be verifiable at any given point in time and while in transit.


immudb runs embedded on the IoT device itself and is consistently audited by external probes. The data transfer to audit is minimal and works even with minimum bandwidth and unreliable connections.

Whenever the IoT devices are connected to a high bandwidth, the data transfer happens to a data center (large immudb deployment) and the source and destination date integrity is fully verified.

Use Case - DevOps Evidence


CI/CD and application build logs need to be stored auditable and tamper-evident.
A very high Performance is required as the system should not slow down any build process.
Scalability is key as billions of artifacts are expected within the next years.
Next to a possibility of integrity validation, data needs to be retrievable by pipeline job id or digital asset checksum.


As part of the CI/CD audit functionality, data is stored within immudb using the Key/Value functionality. Key is either the CI/CD job id (i. e. Jenkins or GitLab) or the checksum of the resulting build or container image.

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