Codenotary Releases immudb v1.9DOM

immudb v1.9DOM gains support for the Document Model allowing applications to handle rapidly changing data

immudb v1.9DOM gains support for the Document Model allowing applications to handle rapidly changing data

HOUSTON, October 19 2023 – immudb, the only open source immutable enterprise-scale database with cryptographic verification, today announced the release of immudb version 1.9DOM, where DOM stands for Document Model. Prior to this version, immudb was already capable of ingesting both key/value and SQL data. With this new version, immudb now also supports document model data. Document model databases are a type of NoSQL database that store and retrieve data in a flexible, semi-structured format using documents, typically in JSON or XML format. With this additional document model capability, immudb allows for easy scalability and is well-suited for handling unstructured or rapidly changing data.

 “immudb v1.9DOM completes the transactional capabilities of immudb. Our industry-leading immutable database now supports the most popular database models, Key/Value, traditional SQL and NoSQL for semi-structured data applications,” said Dennis Zimmer, CTO and co-founder of Codenotary, the primary contributor to the immudb project. “Our immudb Vault offering already relies on this new document model capability to offer secure data exchange between consumers and producers of sensitive data. ”

 As an append-only database, immudb tracks all data changes, preserving a complete and auditable data change history. Data can only be appended, but never modified or deleted, ensuring the integrity of the data and the change history. Transactional consistency and ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) semantics guarantee that transactions execute consistently and with full semantic coherence for end-to-end data reliability. Coupled with its replication capabilities, immudb is the leading tamper-proof database solution in the market today.

 In addition to the Document Model ingestion, immudb v1.9DOM offers many new features, performance, and security improvements, such as support for multiple indices, SQL row history, and I/O scheduling.

 “immudb already features PostgreSQL PGaudit logging to facilitate PCI-DSS Requirement 10 and HIPAA compliance,” said Zimmer. “Being an immutable database that can also verifiably delete data, immudb already complies with the European Union GDPR standard, as well as with UK GDPR, and operates on a zero-trust model.”

 immudb is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including the Indian and Mexican governments,to create solutions that require a zero-trust approach to their sensitive data. With more than 50 million downloads, immudb is open source and can be downloaded from

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